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"Pedped" smoking among the major ethnic groups in Benguet.


Sunshine Julie D. Saguco,
Jelica B. Suaking,
Girlie Gayle D. Toribio,
Vincent G. Panagan Jr.

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College of Nursing - Benguet State University

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Publication Type
Research Report


The province of Benguet is considered as one that has diverse culture and ecology. It is the home of different tribes that practices their own culture and belief that is complementary to their environment.

This study was conducted to explore the experiences of "Pedped" smokers and the role of pedped in the cultural practices of the major tribes in Benguet which are the Ibalois, Kankanaeys and Kalanguyas. "Pedped" is a plant that is used as an alternative for cigarettes. "Pedped" (Glochidion) is known as "anam" by the Igorots and "kupkupit" by the Bontocs. The gathered data provided new knowledge and avenues on "pedped" smoking and a wider understanding on "pedped" smoking as viewed and practiced by the major tribes in Benguet. The study made use of the qualitative - descriptive approach where complete unstructured interviews were used to elucidate the participants' perceptions on pedped smoking with the role of "pedped" in their culture.

Key informant interview, focus group discussion and observation were utilized to gather information from the 14 participants coming from the different ethnic tribes. Their responses were sorted and coded. The Colaizzi's Procedural Modification was used to describe the experiences of the "pedped" smokers and the use of "pedped" in their culture. Five categories and its following themes have emanated from the transcripts, which are the following: 1.) going back to the roots - talks about the ancestry, alternative uses and practices of pedped leaves and smoking; 2.) mirrors of health - tackles about the positive, negative effects and the participants' misconception about pedped smoking; 3.) the variety I know the, variety I smoke - differentiating the two varieties of pedped; 4.) threatened species - describing how the participants conserve the abundance of pedped leaves in their community; and 5.) the output flow - describing the step-by-step procedures on how to make pedped cigarettes.

Based on the findings, pedped leaves are greatly abundant in Benguet but some species are not documented. Pedped smoking and other uses of the leaves is a cultural practice of the major tribes in Benguet. Although, these cultural practices were passed down from generation to generation, pedped smoking is starting to fade even with its perceived beneficial effects.

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