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Lived experiences of spouses with post stroke patient as caregivers with an ongoing rehabilitation.


Kelly Cryle M. Cagan,
Aulyn B. Tanacio,
Rosana L. Tianza,
Doris S. Natividad

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College of Nursing - Benguet State University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report


The study aims to explore the impact of taking care of post stroke patients during the rehabilitation period to their spouses in terms of the following: Physical, Psychological, Financial and Social Support.

Summarizing the lived experiences of spouses as caregivers of post stroke patients, the researchers found a wide range of changes in their lifestyles, in their lives covering all the aspects specified in the problems of this study.

Physically, they often suffered pain all over their body as manifested by fatigue, nape pain, tension headache, increased blood pressure, low-energy, and vulnerability to stress. Moreover, they felt that due to these, they were prone to certain diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

With a factor of anxiety and over working physically, the participants suffered from inadequate amount of sleep. If the person's psychological aspect is vulnerable to stress, the physical aspect is greatly affected. Leading to the decline of function of the spouse as a caregiver. 

Socially, they change the nature of their work like Farming to sari-sari store, regular work to part-time..    On the socially and financial aspect, most of the changes were disadvantageous becoming a burden to the caregivers. Like resigning from their jobs, changing the nature of work from   farming to sari-sari store, regular work to part-time, resigning from their jobs and hiring physical therapist. Subsequently, due to the expensive medications, therapy and rehabilitation of their patients. they to resort to borrowing from friends, relatives, banks and other sources.

Positively, the DSWD , social welfare groups, barangay officials and some discounted privileges on medications can be availed off but still grossly inadequate and non-sustainable and the determination and perseverance of the participants to succeed in rehabilitating their partners as far as the psychological aspect of their personality is concerned.

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