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My child and his machine: Lived experiences of parents with a child undergoing hemodialysis.


Abegail S. Reyes,
Nicoleen Mae D. Sibayan,
Kendra B. Tiwaken,
Keverne Jhay P. Colas

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Benguet State University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report



This study explored the lived experiences of parents with a child undergoing hemodialysis. Specifically, it aimed to identify the predicaments encountered concerning emotional, social, socio-economic, and spiritual aspect of care.


Purposive network sampling technique and site selection sampling were utilized in chosing the eight (8) participants. Unstructured face to face interview using open-ended interview guide was used to gather the parents experiences. The Collaizi's 7-step method of data analysis was used.


Findings presented two categories were extracted that made up the lived experiences. Foremost category was (1) "Life Unplugged", and (2) "Life Plugged".

(1) "Life unplugged" has five main themes: "A Parent's Love", "A Parent's Vocation", "A Parent's Spirit", "A Parent's Emotion", and "A Parent's Call". "A Parent's Love" has two sub-themes which are "Tough Love" and "Tender Love. "A Parent's Call for Help" encompasses two sub-themes namely: "Liable Decision" and "Increase Price of Living".

(2) "Life Plugged", the last category has four themes which are "A Parents Concern"; "A Parent's Stronghold"; "A Parent's Bane"; and "A Parent's Prayer". "A Parents Concern" has two sub-themes which are "Flow of Feelings" and "Long Cord of Acceptance".  "A Parent's Bane" has two subthemes namely: "Sources for Pay" and "Needs over Wants".


Based on the finding, the following inferences were drawn: Hemodialysis affects parents emotionally, socially, economically, and spiritually; Parents go through five process of griefwhich are  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance (DABDA); Family tend to give support and advice so they play an important role in hemodialysis experience; Hemodialysis affects the family's finances; and Spiritual practices help along parents with feelings of hope, gratitude, and compassion

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